Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Post scripts and notices

Hi everyone! After a week of crazy posting, I wanted to address a couple things. First off, I had a post on here regarding families and my views on those who choose not to have children. I want to make sure I clarify something. I do not make apologies for my views, that is the way I feel. However I want to make sure my remarks aren't misconstrued to include anyone without children. There are those cases out there where for one reason or another, where people can't have children, ranging from medical reasons to others. People who are prevented from having children are completely different from those I was speaking about, who make a conscious choice out of selfishness to not have kids.
Anyhow, enough of that, on to my next point of business. Over the next little while you'll be seeing changes to my blog, hopefully you'll enjoy them, let me know if you don't. I am welcome to all suggestions of how I can make the reading experience more enjoyable.