Monday, June 1, 2009

Half way through the year already?

Can any of you believe its June already? What happened to the time? This year has been flying by me like you wouldn't believe. June is a great month though. I'm very excited as it's known in my family as the kick off to birthday season. My lovely wife Jody has hers on the 9th, my sister Christina is on the 12th, I myself am on the 23rd, my sister Amanda is the 29th. The next month finishes everyone else off with my dad on the 1st of July, my brother Allan on the 4th, and my mom rounding off the order on the 6th. When you think about it, its a nightmare for your wallet. I think summer birthdays are the best. You can get together with bunch of your friends, BBQ, and go out to a park to play Frisbee, and let the kids run around. I'd rather be lounging out in the heat than shoveling snow for my birthday, that's for sure. So does anyone have any favorite birthday gifts? I have had some great birthday gifts. For instance, last year my wife got me tickets to see my favorite band of all time. (10 points for anyone who can guess who that is, shouldn't be too hard)
To finish off this post, I'll give you all a little update on life. This week I'm thinking is going to be the longest week ever! I finally get to go home and get my family! On Friday I'll be flying out to be with Jody and Colton once again. We are going to spend the next 2 weeks packing up the house, and getting it all organized. We also have a wedding for her cousin, and her birthday to celebrate. After all of that she, Colton, and the cat, will board a plane headed for our new home. I then will be packing up her vehicle and preparing for yet another long, and arduous journey across the states and Canada to Calgary. That's not even the best part, once our house sells, I get to go back again, load up the remainder of our stuff that we left there for staging, and do one more final trip across. Lucky me. (For any of you wondering, we are leaving our furniture and non-essential things at the house, because a staged house sells better and faster than one that isn't) All in all though, I don't care much about the drive as long as I know my family will be on the other end waiting for me. Being away from my wife and son, has been the most difficult thing I've done. It is absolutely killer to be so lonely. It breaks my heart every night to have to say goodnight to my son over the phone. That used to be a big thing for me, putting him to bed. I have missed them so much, I could never do this again, that's for sure. Way to hard. I will be a lot happier to have them around me again. That's for sure.


Chris said...

Sariah is looking forward to seeing her Uncle Geoff...she still asks where you are all the time. She isn't going to like when Colton is missing too!! You and Jody will need to come over for dinner while you are here....we are really going to miss you guys...

We got a puppy now, so you will need to come see her.
See you soon,

Chris said...

oh ya and 10 points for me - you got tickets to coldplay... :o)