Friday, May 22, 2009


Well it's Friday, and I don't know about all of you, but I seem to always have the worst time recovering from long weekends. This long weekend was especially a bummer. Here in Calgary we had lousy, lousy weather. Anyhow, the week is done now, and I am glad to be able to try and relax this weekend.
So some of you might be wondering why I have a picture of No Ma'am President Al Bundy at the start of this post. Well, its a dedication to a special group of guys back home in Ontario. There was a select group of men, including yours truly who made it a point to get together every so often for a remarkable event known as "MAN-lunch". We would all go to the Mandarin Chinese Buffet and debauchery would ensue. Basically we had 3 main rules we lived by. First, no women allowed, testosterone only. Second, no sissy food, you ate garbage and plenty of it. Going easy was not an option, at least one button had to come undone on your pants by the end, or a belt notch loosened. And the last rule was, What is discussed at Man-lunch, stayed at Man-lunch. It was absolutely awesome, and boy do I miss those times. There was a lot of bathroom jokes, a lot of discussion around cool movies, and funny videos on Youtube. And much, much, more. I cannot go into too much detail without breaking rule number 3. Besides, we still want our wives to think we are somewhat civilized and intelligent. (Don't fear, there was nothing of questionably immoral nature, just a lot of men being men) The biggest joke of it all was that we entered Man-lunch and went from upright walking, intelligent speaking human beings, to knuckle dragging, hunched over cavemen, grunting and snorting by the end. Thank goodness for our wonderful wives who are able to refine us and clean us up to become fully functioning members of society. Anyhow, that group has since been dispersed by life, but I do miss those days. I was even able to get my son started with his first Man-lunch last year. Hopefully one day we can have a Man-lunch reunion, or I may even have to start a new Man lunch group here in Calgary. So today I finish off with a moment of silence for my Man-lunch brothers, Paul, John, Kyle, and Junior member Colton. Long live the discount Chinese buffet!