Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy May long weekend

To all you Canadian readers I say Happy Victoria Day weekend eh? Being the leftovers of British loyalists has it's benefits I guess. Actually the May long weekend in Canada is considered the kick off for the summer season. Just a little history for any of you American/Mexican/other readers. A lot of people use this weekend to do some camping, fishing, off-roading etc. As for me, I'll be trying to use it to relax a bit. I have a buddy of mine coming over on Saturday, where I'll crack open the old guitar case and do a little jamming. Other than that I will be resting and missing my little family. To update any of you following our journey to Calgary, Jody and Colton are still in Guelph as we await our house to sell, and she has some photography jobs she has to complete. We have had a few showings, an offer (we rejected), and we have a couple more this weekend along with an open house Saturday. So everyone, send a prayer our way that we'll get a buyer this weekend so that our little family can be reunited. I sure am getting sick of being here in Calgary without them.

I got an email from an old friend today. He's applying to be a police officer and just needed contact info from me to submit for his background checks. It got me thinking, today I should dedicate my post to old friends. I've had many friends over the years. Some I've managed to keep in contact with, others... not so much. This happens for one reason or another. Some of the relationships ended poorly, others just grew apart, and others have simply gotten lost over the years. I'm a type of person that doesn't like to live in the past. This is one major reason why you'll never find me on facebook. Some people from the past, I simply don't care to get in touch with, and some, I don't want getting in touch with me. However there are the few, those really good friends who impacted you in a major way, and you know, when you see them again, it'll be a happy reunion. I have a very few, select group that fall in this category. My friend Brent, who was the one that emailed me today; is one of those. I was really happy to hear from him today, and I hope to hear from him again soon. It may be one of those situations where we may not talk everyday, week, or even month, but I do appreciate those times that we do talk. So today I encourage my readers, to think of those special people in their lives who affected them in a very positive way, but that you may have lost contact with. If you have a way, contact these people again and renew old acquaintances. You'll be glad you did, but again, I remind you, positive influences is the key. I think we've all had people in the past that weren't good for us, yet we were close friends. Try to avoid those types please. And also, make sure to keep a hold of those good friends you have now. Those life long friends that you've had and will have for life. I've got a few of those too, and they mean an awful lot to me.

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!


Suzanne Lee said...

Hi Geoff!
I found your link on Megan's blog. Your boy is adorable! Anyways congrats on making your way back to Calgary, I bet your family will be happy to have you closer. I love finding blogs of old friends, especially ones that have moved on and started families, its just great to see where people are and have ended up. If you want to be added to my reader's list, give me a shout