Monday, January 11, 2010

Super Saturday for the Coley Boy

Just this past Saturday we went out to the Calgary Bike show for 2010. I'd never been before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was a ton of fun, and there were a ton of really cool bikes. It almost made me want to get a bike of my own, almost. I actually can't do bikes. I can never feel comfortable on them. Not having anything between me and the pavement, at 100 kmh; freaks me out. Along with this being mine and Jody's first time at the show, we brought along our little boy, Colton. Little Coley is a total motorcycle fanatic. Thanks to "Papa" and Auntie Manda with their bikes, Colton goes nuts over bikes.

So at the show was a freestyle demonstration. It featured the 4 top Canadian Motocross Freestyle champions, and the host of Speed television's SuperBikes show. He was a crotch rocket freestyler, and his stunts were really cool. Anyhow, it was a show we figured Colton would enjoy, and as you can see from the video, he was more than impressed. He actually sat for the whole 90 minute show without getting antsy at all. He sat with Grandpa in absolute amazement as these guys did their jumps with pyrotechnics and everything. By the end he was clapping and cheering along with the crowd. The show was really good. One of the guys did 5 straight back flips with different variations. Some of the guys jumped so high, I honestly thought they might hit the roof at one point. Needless to say it was definitely worth it.


Chris said...

Cute video Geoff, Colton definitely looked like he enjoyed the show :) Can't wait to see you guys next month! Zachy has lots of motorcycle toys that Coley will like!!

Geoff Crane said...

Oh yes, he'll love that for sure. We're looking forward to seeing everyone too.