Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Fatherly Indulgence

I've warned you all numerous times that I am prone to the occasional indulgence regarding my son. I just can't help myself sometimes. He's my little buddy, and his daddy is his biggest fan. So this fan is more for the benefit of my family, but I hope those of you who are our friends might enjoy this too.
Jody has decided to enter the boy in a contest for Regis and Kelly. It's called Live's Beautiful Baby Contest. People hand in pictures of their kids, and to the baby chosen goes the prize of a cover shot on Parenting Early Years magazine, $125,000 to a school education fund, and a trip to the show. Anyhow, what you have to do is hand in a picture of your kid, they go over it, and then they chose the winner. So Jody sent me the picture we took this week, that she wanted to hand in. I was looking at it and couldn't believe that was my little boy! So I did some researching and found a picture of him from only this past May. Take a look!

Really cute boy, bald as ever. Now look at his picture from this week. I can not believe that my little guy has grown into a little man! in just a few months, he looks like this...

I was blown away by the difference between the two pictures, and all this in such a short period of time. It truly brings meaning to the saying, Time Flies. Just as a side note, is there any question as to who his Daddy is? That's my little boy!


Chris said...

I love that picture of colton, sooooo cute! BTW - we when you guys are here and we are doing the pictures, I would really love a picture of Zach and Coley together. Also Sariah with the boys. That would be sooo cute. Colton looks soooooo much different, and we only just saw him in October. Crazy how much hair he has now! wow! - JENN