Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Overview

Howdy everyone,
This is a bit late, but it's the first opportunity I have had to report on our Christmas. As I said before, Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. The feeling in the air. The food, the family, the love, and how everyone seems to treat each other a bit nicer. People get a bit kinder, and we tend to think more of others during the holiday season. This year was Christmas in Calgary. This is one of the drawbacks with having two families in different provinces. We definitely missed our Ontario half. Next year it will be Christmas in Ontario, which means we'll miss our Calgary family. Anyhow, back to my overview. It was a great year this year. It started off with my family coming over to our for Christmas Eve dinner. Jody and my Mom did a great job at putting together a nice spread. We got to open our traditional pajama gift, and then Colton went to bed. Allan and I spent the next hour putting together the Imaginarium Train Set Colton got from all his Grandparents. The next morning was Christmas Day. After breakfast, Jody, Colton, and I headed to the tree. We opened our stockings, Then moved on to the gifts under the tree. Poor little Colton, Mommy went a little overboard with his gifts. He started off well, but after about the 4th or 5th gift, he was on overload. He didn't even open his last couple of gifts. Although, that train table of his was the creme de la creme. Loves that table. He also got Shrek 2, and I'm thinking he's probably watched it 15 times. After that we went to Grandma and Grandpa's place for family gift exchange, then on to Great Grandma's for dinner. On Boxing day we had a party with extended family, and after that we pretty much crashed, it was a whirlwind adventure. It was quite the fun time, and mostly for Colton. He had such a blast, and got so many gifts (easy when you're the first Grandchild). Christmas is always for the kids anyway.
I'm sad to see it go though. I wish it was Christmas all year long. That to me would be perfection. Anyhow, Merry Christmas to everyone, and I wish you all the best for 2010, on behalf of my family. Enjoy some pictures below.
This was one of Daddy's great gifts. A 30th Anniversary vintage Flames Jersey. It's currently off getting named and numbered with Mike Vernon's ID's (my boyhood hero).

This is Colton in the back end of his new School Bus tent. (Best value for $20 bucks), this was a favorite of his, along with the train table, basketball hoop, flames PJ's, Flames Jersey, mini hockey sticks, snowman on motorcycle, etc... Are you starting to see how he was overloaded?

Here is a wonderful picture of my lovely Jody opening her stocking. She made out pretty well for Christmas, including her next book in The Vampire Diaries.

And again, here we have Colton playing with his "Beep Beep". He loves tractors, and the beeping noise they make when they back up. Mommy found this one, it makes all the noises.