Friday, January 8, 2010

A great Source of Entertainment

Are you Bored today? Is work not that exciting? Maybe the kids are driving you nuts , and you're about 5 seconds away from a nervous breakdown? Well cheer up stress cadet! Comic relief is just a click away. Thanks to the wonderful corporation of Wal*Mart, there is a way to pick yourself up off the ground, and find joy in life.
Ever wonder what happened to the kid in class who used to eat glue? What about the neighbour girl who had to wear a helmet everywhere she went? Well, wonder no more, simply type in, and prepare to be amazed. If you've ever felt like you have nothing to wear that will look good, or perhaps you don't like your hair cut. Maybe you think you're not cool enough compared to others. Well give yourself a nice shot of confidence to the arm, and see the creatures trolling the isles of your local Wal*Mart. This material is so great, it'll make you feel good about your own self.
If you need that quick pick me up, don't delay. Get to a computer and log on for some free fun entertainment. Wow yourself with the Rainbow Brite wanna-be. Or stare in amazement at the 4 ft mullet hair style. You'd swear this was joke, but you'd be wrong my friends. This is simply the colorful characters , whose purpose in life is to make others feel better about themselves. I'll tell you one thing, I'll pay much better attention next time I go to Wal*Mart. Perhaps one day I'll even have my own entry to post. Please folks, if you have enough nerve to check this site out, post in my comments what your favorite is. Thanks.


mucrane said...

what amazes me, is that this website is updated daily. DAILY! my dream is to one day capture a wal-creature of my very own