Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Mini Vacation

Last weekend I took A long weekend to be with my Family. My work has been really hectic lately, and I haven't had much time with Jody and Colton. So we broke it up a bit. All Friday was dedicated to Colton. We went out to the zoo for a family outing. We began by filling ourselves up at the cafe, where little Coley downed a massive hot dog and some fries. After finishing his juice box we headed out. We saw tons of really cool animals. Colton was especially impressed by the giraffe that was scratching his neck up side a tree.

We also saw a huge tiger pacing in its pen. Cole thought it was impressive.He really seemed to enjoy his time with mommy and daddy. Here is a shot of him with mommy at the Elephant pen...

And then one of the coolest moments was when the bull Elephant came walking right over to Colton and Jody, and began drinking from the water barrel, and blowing it out. Colton loved this. His little mouth dropped open and his eyes grew huge. When the elephant began to walk away, he went "whoooaa." All in all it was a pretty impressive day for the boy.

We took him home after and after a long nap, we had a good dinner and then relaxed and played before we had to take him to bed.
the next day was a day dedicated to Jody and myself. We gave Colton to Grandma and Grandpa for the day and headed out to Banff. the mountains were beautiful and the weather was awesome. When we arrived, we went to lunch. After lunch we walked up and down the boulevard going into all the little shops around. We ended up buying a little onesie for Colton that says "Bear Naked" with the picture of a bear on it. After that we got some gourmet fudge and then went to the natural hot springs for some relaxation. Finally as we were driving back to Calgary we took a detour to go to Elbow Falls. Its a cool little rec area, out in the foothills. Jody took a few hours there to take some photo's of the falls, and I sat back and enjoyed the scenery. If you'd like to see the photo's she took, you can check out her website, however I'm not sure if she's posted any yet. She's editing them a bit, but trust me; they look great.
So that was my little mini vacation. It was a good time, and too short as most vacations are.


Chris said...

Looks like Colton had a great time at the zoo! :o) Get Jody to post some more pics on facebook k?
Thanks for your blog posts Geoff, they are great!

JAC Photography said...

I'm working on it! I will get those Falls images up soon! Thanks for the plug hubby!