Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's on my ipod this week.....

So this week I have decided to post what's on my ipod on Thursday. Why not Friday as I originally outlined? Because I feel like it. So without further delay here is my new recommendation.
White Rabbits are a little known Indy band based in New York, but originally from Columbia, Missouri. I doubt they'll stay little known for long, judging from the songs I've heard already. I haven't listened to the entire album yet, but so far I recommend a song called "Percussion Gun" to start you off. I really like the mix of instruments they have going on, and the vocals are interesting, though don't expect it to be perfect. I've listened to 4 songs off the album so far, and it convinced me I need to buy it, so I'll be shopping itunes later I'm sure, or hitting up HMV.
For any of you wondering what you can expect , I'll say, if you like Spoon, you'll enjoy White Rabbits. (Considering they had this album produced by the guitarist and lead singer from Spoon, Daniel Britt) A lot of their music is based around their percussion section which is composed of 2 members. It's really a unique and fresh sound in my opinion. So, go out and take a listen if you want to get pumped up for a jog, or just want a good energetic sound to pick you up. For any who might want a preview, go to this link and check out the video.


JAC Photography said...

soooo you never mentioned this need when we were at the mall this weekend. forget about them already?