Monday, August 31, 2009

New Adventures

Well folks, the summer is beginning to fade off into the distance, and the cold is approaching. This last week has been an incredibly intense, scary week. To add on to all of it, my wife and son went to Ontario to visit our family out there. Seeing as how they are the ones that help me calm down, I've been losing my mind. I am glad however that they are able to go see our family there, I only wish I was able to join them.

So What has me so stressed? Well work for one, but what else is new. On top of that I am starting school again for the final time hopefully. Yes that's right. I am heading back to finish off my degree. I was on track a while back, but I took a break when we began to want a baby, and then life provided me tons of excuses to procrastinate. But recently, with the economic turmoil that has taken place, it really made me realize what a chance I've been taking, not finishing. What if I lost my job tomorrow, how would I effectively provide for my family. I'm not suggesting that getting a degree secures you a great job, but in a competitive market, it gives you a leg up on your competition. So I decided to get serious and get back into school to finish my degree. I am attending Devry in the Business Operations program. So far it's a little nuts trying to get back in the habit of studying and all. It'll be interesting too once Jody and Colton get back from their trip, to see how I juggle the schedule. I'm determined though to finish this thing off once and for all.
I also want to take this moment to recognize an adventure one of my best friends is about to take. My friend Paul, and his lovely wife Vanuza are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first baby. It's going to be a blast to see them go through all the rights of passage of parenthood. Congrats guys, let me know when she arrives!