Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colton Update

My little man has reached yet another milestone in his life. Yesterday was his 17 month mark. I can't believe it. 17 months have just flown by. He amazes Jody and I every day with the new little tricks he learns, and the words he comes up with. So lately he has been enthralled with his Uncle Stephen and his video games. He'll sit there forever watching what his uncle does. One day we were sitting downstairs, when Colton walked over to the gamer chair. He sat in it just like his uncle, grabbed a controller, and turned the T.V. on. So we turned on the console and he just began playing it, just like he'd seen his uncle do. It blew me away, and it was hilarious to watch. So we grabbed the camera and shot this video. Enjoy!

Currently Colton and Mommy are in Toronto visiting mommy's family. I am missing them like crazy, which is a reason why I'm posting this. I feel how our family in Toronto feels, being far away from them. So I'll try to post more video's of the boy, for their benefit as well.