Friday, July 31, 2009

What's on my ipod this week

I've decided I'm going to do a weekly posting every Friday about what music I'm listening to. I welcome my readers to share with me who they are listening to. I like to expand my horizons.

So this week I am featuring Vampire Weekend. Don't let the name fool you, its not what you think. They actually chose that name for their band after watching some old cheesy film titled that. They actually are extremely good. They list their biggest musical influences as classical, and you can tell. They have a more independent sound, and eclectic mix of organ, strings, guitar, drums, etc. Its really quite clever music. If I had to try and compare it to someone else, I'd have to say a loose mix between Paul Simon, the beetles, and well, never mind, I can't really compare it and do it justice. Their debut album is a current favorite of mine, and I would suggest you especially listen to the songs A-Punk, Campus, Cape Cod, Mansard Roof, and The Kids Don't Stand a Chance. In fact pretty much the whole album is great, and those are rare. So that's what's in my ipod this week. It comes with high recommendation if your looking for intelligent, fun music to listen to while you work around the house, go for a run, or are having a get together with friends. Stay tuned (play on words, eh?) for next week.


jaime said...

Did you miss me Geoff?

Im good, but I dont have too much free time left, Im still working at a bank, but everyday we see the lack of money in our people, this crisis is literally killing too many people, I feel so bad because I want to help as many friends as I wish, however I cant do it alone, its not enough what Im doing, we need more and better citizens here in town,

Hopefully Ill be back to school this month, Im having good times everywhere, but I cant tell the same thing on love, Im still single but looking forward to meet my eternal companion, we had a marvelous young single adults conference here in the city last week, we were around 450 guys from the northern lands of Mexico, and I met some beautiful and good girls, we'll see what happens

Well, gotta go, but take care and I hope you can come to my country soon, your wife and Colton must be involved in that trip ok buddy??

See ya
Jaime Pedroza