Friday, September 4, 2009

What's on my ipod this week.....

Alrighty folks, it's the moment I know you've waited all week for. What's on my iPod this week features a band whose greatness was cut all to short by their lead singers desire to go solo. I'm talking about I Mother Earth! Yes I Mother earth was one of my favorite bands growing up in the 90's. They had a great energetic sound, with a lot of warm thick tones throughout the music, coupled with hard hitting drum beats. Their Lead singer, Edwin; was very talented, as is evidenced by his first solo record that reached into the top 10 when released. I think my favorite part of I.M.E. though, was their guitar. Their guitarist, Jagori Tanna (stage name); was brilliant, with the way he could play. In my wildest dreams I don't think I could play that smooth. I.M.E. went on to have wild success in in the early and Mid 90's, but that's when tensions rose and Edwin departed the band, after that they were never really the same, and I quit listening, as apparently did the rest of Canada.

Anyhow, for any of you interested, go listen to I Mother Earth today, and enjoy some sweet rock. I highly recommend, the songs Raspberry (all time favorite), One more Astronaut, Another Sunday, Used to be All Right. Enjoy.


Chris said...

I love I Mother Earth! Good pick Geoff. Back in the day, I went to their concert twice and saw Edwin solo once. :o)

jaime said...

Hi Geoff!

Hey I remember pretty good a song of them called so gently we go, my older brother listened to it all the time, after that I used to listen to them more often, they were good, and of course raspberry is present in my cell phone

I heard that they are thinking in a reunion to offer a big concert in Canada, you must know a little bit more about it

By the way Im fine, I hope you and your family be fine as well

Im planning to go on vacations next month, can we see us in Cancun buddy? or Los Cabos, I´ve been working like crazy, and before anything else happens, I want to take some time to rest and then back to work

Take care and see you soon

Jaime Pedroza