Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1st Good News Story! Hurray for Football Players

To Start my quest in bringing good news to you my readers, here is my first story. Kitwana Jones is a Linebacker for the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos. Yesterday Kitwana was downtown coming back from a public appearance, when he witnessed an elderly woman being mugged for her purse. What did this football star do? Well he didn't get out a camera and start filming (see previous posting). And he didn't keep driving, minding his own business. He got out and chased the thief on foot, tackling him to the ground and "detaining" him until police showed up. The purse was returned and Kitwana Jones labeled a hero.
I love this story for a few reasons, Kitwana is a professional athlete, and his lively hood depends on his ability to play football. Many athletes will refrain from any activities outside of games where there is a real risk of injury, as it could jeopardize their jobs. Mr. Jones however didn't think twice to risk himself to help out someone who couldn't defend herself. He says in his interview posted on TSN, that God placed him there to help that woman out, so he did what he had to do. He has every reason to pull celebrity status and use it as an excuse as to why he would have done nothing, but as his teammates attest to, that's not Kitwana. He is always one to help and defend others. Anyhow, he is a pretty entertaining guy in his interview. If you can click on this link and view the video, you won't be disappointed. Kudos to you Kitwana, for doing what so many others in this world would be afraid to do.
In all, I think we should take something from Kitwana's example. Always help out your fellow man. I'm not suggesting we all chase down criminals on foot. I'm merely suggesting we begin actively serving those around us in any way we can. Lets start sticking up for one another, especially those who can't defend themselves.