Saturday, July 11, 2009


This week was the week of the stampede. For any of you who aren't aware, it a large fair that Calgary has every year for 10 days. It's a celebration of Calgary's western heritage, and it can be a ton of fun. We were especially excited to take Colton this year. It all started out with mommy getting him dressed up in his little western attire. We then took the train down to the grounds where we started out by getting a hot dog lunch. After Coley finished stuffing his face, we got to work. We saw everything from horsies (one blew his nose all over the boy), to cows, a bison, a duck herding dog, goats, and..........

The coup de gras, COOKIE MONSTER!

That was actually the whole reason we went on Friday was to see the greatest cookie eating Muppet ever. It was hilarious, once he saw Cookie monster, he paused and stared for about 2 minutes with his mouth open. Then he snapped out of his trance and began to point and get excited. He then tried pushing out of my arms to get over to him. So Mommy got in line while I tried to distract him. As we got up to the front of the line, Cole started getting really excited and trying to squirm away so that he could rush Cookie. Then it was our turn to get up there. As we got up there he just got excited and reached out and grabbed Cookie's fur. He briefly touched Abbey's face, before turning back all his attention to Cookie. He sat there playing with Cookie Monster until the split second that the guy called his name and caught this photo. It was like meeting a rock star. Definitely the highlight of the day.

We checked out some other things until he wore right out. Finally to cap everything off, we bought him his first cowboy hat and took him home. It was a great day. Yee Haw!


Chris said...

Zach is sitting on my knee, and we were looking at the cookie monster picture. He LOVES it. Can you print that picture and send it to us?? I'd like to have it for the kids. Zach said JODY! Yes he did! Over and over again. oh and he blew you guys a kiss.

Suzanne Lee said...

Your little man is such a cutie! Glad he had fun at Stampede. We're looking forward to going next year so that Brooklynn will be a little older to understand some things. How are you your family adjusting/ setting in so far?

Geoff Crane said...

Hi Suzanne,thanks for the comments. We're getting there. I don't think we'll begin getting totally comfortable until we are in our own house. It's supposedly going to be finished in September.
I highly recommend taking the little ones to the Stampede. It's so much fun to see how they react to everything. And the best part about it, is they wear down pretty fast, so you don't have to fight crowds for hours on end. Definitely a great way to Stampede!

Geoff Crane said...

Hi Jenn, I think Jody is going to get on sending you the file for that picture. It was pretty funny to see how crazy he went over Cookie Monster. Usually kids get all shy and quiet, not Colton. We miss you guys for sure. Talk to you soon!