Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Great Weekend

Hey everyone. I am finally able to give an update on the family again. Sorry for all the delay, but it's been kinda busy for me lately. This last week, work has been full and I've been having to commute to our office on the other side of the city. I was spending over 2 hours in traffic every day. So I was looking forward to a great weekend to unwind. And I got my wish. My Uncle Steve has season tickets to the two greatest sports teams in Calgary, the NHL's Flames, and the CFL's Stampeders. Last weekend he called me up, and asked if I would like to have a couple of tickets to the retro game between Calgary and Toronto. The seats were incredible, 50 yard line 18 rows up, so you had the view of the whole field, and were close enough to hear the players talking on the bench. Jody and I had a great time at the game.

Calgary ended up Shellacking poor Toronto 44-9, but it was a very exciting game despite what the score indicates. By the end of the night I had almost no voice left. Here is a shot of the view we had.

Next up is an update on our house. Coming back out to Calgary meant we had to sell our first home out in Guelph. Once we arrived here, we quickly found out that getting a house was going to be a bit tougher than we thought. Anyhow, long story short; the most affordable house we could get in this crazy recession market was a new home. A draw back of this is that we have to wait for it to be built. Currently it is in this state:

However, here is the preview of what it will look like when it is done. These were pictures we took as we toured the newly finished show home. First off, as you walk in this will be what the main floor will be like, well essentially. We will have carpet up to the kitchen, then we'll have hardwood in the kitchen.

This now, is the basement. In our house, the first half will be finished, and all that light comes from the huge bay window that continues in from the main floor to the basement.

Here is a picture of Colton going into what I guess he has claimed as his room. He loved it because they had it all decorated with cars. He was angry when we made him leave. The other bedroom is similar size.
Finally we have the master bedroom, behind the picture there is a walk in closet, and an en suite.
And as a bonus, this is similar to what the outside will look like.
We are planning on having some fun BBQ's once it's finished, so keep your schedules open for the end of September. Well that is if it finishes on time.... which they generally don't, but we can hope right?