Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on my boy!

There is a little tradition we have in our family. Well, it didn't start out as a tradition, it just sort of became a tradition. Because I could never get to Colton's check ups, Jody would always send me a picture of him at his appoint ment accompanied by his stats. However, while I was out there packing them all up, I was able to go to my first scheduled check up with him. I also got to take the check up picture on my phone. I know, it may seem lame that I get so excited about that sort of thing, but if your kid were as awesome as Colton is, you'd feel the same I'm sure. Anyhow, without further adiu, here is his picture from his last appointment:

He weighed in at 20.6 lbs, and measured 82". He's tall and skinny, just like his dad, according to the doctor. He also got his shots that day, and boy was that an experience. He had to sit on daddy's lap while I held his arms so that he couldn't grab the needle. He sat and watched as the nurse came with the needle and he had that look on his face like "Hey, what is that? You're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do, are you?" Then she stuck him and he let out a whimper, not happy. I thought that was it so I picked him up so he could hug me, but the nurse said there was a 2nd shot to go. So we did the same thing again, this time he was not happy. After the nurse was done, he shot her a look that could have killed. I had to laugh, it was such a dirty look. He then hugged daddy, as I told him he did a good job being such a tough boy.

Also, I have to mention this. Mommy had taken off to begin shooting her cousins wedding, so Colton and I were waiting for Grandma to come pick us up to take us to the wedding. We were hanging out in front of the house, when Colton made a break for the neighbours driveway. He just about made it when he stepped in a sunken area and fell forward. He fell partially on their driveway and scraped his little elbow. Funny thing was, he didn't even notice. He just got right back up and ran over to the tree we had on our front lawn; he loves to play with the dirt clods around it. It wasn't until daddy saw blood running down that I noticed the scrape. The next day at church, everyone was asking what happened to him. He had all the ladies giving him attention over it, and we all know how much he loves that. That's my boy!
This was after I cleaned it up. Doesn't look bad at all, but you wouldn't have known that when he had blood running down his elbow. I think my boy may be a bleeder.


jaime said...

Whats up friend

Sorry for not writing u before but I have been in a long political campaign

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