Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Colton!

This past Saturday was our little man's 2nd birthday. He had a blast, and mommy and daddy still are recovering. Because there are so many pictures, I won't write a ton. I'll just give captions.

He began with opening his presents from mommy and daddy. He got a ton of clothes (which he could care less for) and a bunch of cars from the Cars movie.

Next we took him to the annual Family-A-Fair. There he got to see Barney the purple dinosaur, and get a balloon. After he went to the petting zoo they had there. The goat ended up being his favorite.

Before we left the fair Uncle Al took him to the kids hair cut booth for a little surprise...

Surprise! I think it matches the Cars tattoo on his hand. He thought he was pretty cool after this.

After a long nap. he woke up to find that Great Grandma Carlson, Papa (Grandpa Crane), Gram (Grandma Crane), Uncle Steve, Al, and Auntie Ti-Ti (Christina) were at his house. He had fun entertaining everyone, eating spaghetti dinner, and then opening more presents!

After playing with presents, and harassing the cat with his new dinosaur puppet; it was time for Cake! Mommy made him a really good, custom Dinosaur cake that he went crazy over. He enjoyed blowing out the candles. (We had to light it over about 8 times)
Although his piece of cake was good, Grandma's piece of cake tasted better....
All in all it was a pretty good day. It finished off with Auntie Ti-Ti giving him a bath, and putting him to bed while mommy and daddy had to run off to an open house. He's officially two years old, although it feels like he's been there for a few months now. Happy birthday my boy!


Andrea said...

I love the mohawk Birthday Boy! He is pretty much the definition of "Rad" with that hair! Well done Cranes!