Monday, March 1, 2010

Reminder to the World: It's OUR Game!

That's right folks. Once again Canada asserts its absolute dominance over a sport that is truly our national treasure. Unless you lived under a rock, you have to have heard by now about Canada's incredible Gold Medal win in men's hockey to close out the 2010 Winter Olympics. Hollywood could not have written a better script for the way this played out. This game will be joining the 1972 Summit Series as a moment that defined a nation. Canada, had all the pressure in the world on their shoulders. They had assembled one of the greatest hockey teams of all-time, at least on paper. They were competing on home soil in a game that we call our own. They were fighting for pride, trying to avenge their embarrassing exit in the 2006 games in Turin in the quarter finals. And they were playing a fast American team that had yet to trail in any of their games, let alone lose.
The eyes of an entire nation watched, locked in as our team came out on to the ice. An entire nation went into hysterics as Johnathan Toews, and Cory Perry scored the first two goals. An entire nation also held it's collective breath as the Americans rallied to tie up the game with 24 seconds left in the 3rd period to force overtime. But like I said, this is OUR game, and our boys, made sure it stayed that way. 7:40 into over time Sidney "Sid the Kid" Crosby took a brilliant pass from Jerome "Captain Canada" Iginla, and made no mistake putting it through the legs of US goalie Ryan Miller. The arena, and literally the entire nation erupted into pure euphoria! Any major street in any major city was closed down, full of revellers, dressed head to toe in Canadian colours, waving Canadian flags. Calgary's Red Mile, Yonge Street in Toronto, Robson Street in Vancouver, St. Cathrine's in Montreal, all of them jammed shoulder to shoulder with partiers. You couldn't find a single Canadian bar, pub, or restaurant that wasn't full of wild, elated fans. There were people crying, cheering, hugging, chanting, coming together in the strongest showing of patriotism this country has ever had. It has been labeled a day where you'll remember where you were, and what you were doing when Sidney Crosby scored his golden goal.
I have a few things I want to mention. First off, the men's hockey gold broke the record for the most gold medals won by a single nation in any winter Olympics; 14. In 6 months Sidney Crosby has one the Stanley Cup, and the Olympic Gold. This is the second time in three Olympic games that the Canadian men's and women's hockey teams have both one gold in the same tournament. Canada now is tied with Russia for the most men's hockey gold medals with 8. The US has a way to go, with 2. Is there anyone who doubts the ability of Sidney Crosby as the greatest active NHL player? He's won the world junior championship, the Art Ross Trophy (NHL Leading Scorer), the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP), Lester B. Pearson Trophy (MVP Selected by NHLPA), he's been selected to every All Star game since his rookie year, has been made captain of his team, won a Stanley Cup, and now Olympic gold. Is there anything this kid can't do? He scored the shootout clincher against the Swiss, and the Golden goal. He's accomplished more in 4 short years than most other players do in an entire career!
I have to say folks, today I've never been more proud to be a Canadian. That was a story that I'll be able to tell my children and Grandchildren "I saw Sidney Crosby's golden goal in 2010". And to top it all off, my favorite player Jerome Iginla had a great tournament, he led the team in goals, and assisted on the biggest goal of them all. I'm still a buzz over the victory, and today you can feel the electricity in the air over the greatest victory in Canadian history!
So tell me, where were you when Sidney Crosby scored the "Golden Goal"? What were you doing? Did you celebrate?


Anonymous said...

Didn't realize the US and Canada played each other in hockey, hmmm, I guess afterall the games is yours. Perhaps cause no one else wants it?