Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet the Newest Little Crane

Hello to all my readers. Today is a special day for you all as you get to meet the newest addition to our family for the first time. Yesterday we had our first ultrasound (dating), where we got to see our baby for the first time. The heartbeat was excellent at a healthy 168 bpm. The little legs and arms are forming, and you can't see it in this picture, but the little heart was pounding away. Both mom and baby are good and healthy!
It was also Colton's first experience in the ultrasound room since we took his picture before he was born. He thought it was pretty neat, although he was a little concerned at first when they made mommy lie down on the bed, and put gel on her tummy. After that though he watched intently as the tech did her work, and occasionally thought it was funny to poke mommy's belly button. he's going to be a really good big brother I think.
The excitement continues to build as wee await the arrival of our new bundle of joy. We also can't wait to find out if we will be having a boy or girl. That ultrasound is still a couple months away. Rest assured I'll be posting those as well.
As a side note folks, as many of you know Jody is a photographer. She has created a separate blog showcasing her products and design skills. I encourage all of you to go and check it out over the next while. She not only can take fantastic pictures, but she can create albums, cards, invitations, to highlight any occasion. If any of you saw our Christmas card this year, that is a sample of the work she can do. So Go Check It Out!
3/4/2010 @ 10:15 am- Sorry folks, I made a huge mistake and neglected to include the link to Jody's new blog
Go Check It Out!


Chris said...

Cool! Thanks for posting them Geoff =)
Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl! You are lucky you were allowed to bring Coley in. When I was pregnant with Zach - most of the time Chris and Sariah were not allowed in the room. Weird eh? Anyway, so I don't think Sariah ever saw the ultrasounds...and i had about 5 of them with Zach. She did however love the doppler machine to listen to the heart beat at the midwife appointments....especially when she was the one doing it. Maybe the midwives you have will let Colton help with that. =)


Jody Ann said...

What a cute baby!! lol. So much fun to have my boys with me, what a great experience!

Thanks for the plug honey but you didnt give the address!

mucrane said...

aw, in the third picture it looks like a gummi-bear!