Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colton's Needs Your Votes!

Howdy Everyone,

Well, it has been a little while since my last post. We had a busy couple of weeks full of traveling. We went down to Utah to see the extended family, and Colton had a blast. The 14 hour drive wasn't much fun, there are only so many movies a boy can watch. But there are a bunch of young cousins down there, and he thought it was the coolest thing to hang with them. We had a really good time seeing family that Jody and I haven't seen in almost four years.

After Utah I was home for a couple of days before I had to make a run to Montreal for work. That was my first time ever traveling to the French province. It was very odd, feeling like a foreigner in your own country. I heard more french in those two days than I have in my entire life! Many of the people over there speak great english as well as French though, and they were extremely friendly, at least the ones I met.

The traveling is done for a bit now however, and I'm looking forward to settling in at home with my family for a bit. We are however trying for another trip though, and that bring me to the purpose of this blog post.

Colton has been entered by his mommy into "Calgary's Cutest kid" contest! There is some seriously stiff competition however as there are nearly 4000 entries. He needs all the votes you can muster. I believe you can vote as many times as possible, so please don't hesitate to throw a few his way every day. The first leg of the contest goes to April 22nd. After that the top twenty will be selected, and if Colton makes it; voting for the top twenty will go until May 2nd. The winner will be announced May 3rd. The grand prize is a trip to Disneyland! So get those mouse clicking fingers limbered up and vote as much as you can for our boy! Thank you all very much. The link to his picture is

Thank you all who vote. You can feel good in the fact that you helped make a little boys day by sending him to Disneyland!