Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yet another Colton Moment

G'Day everyone. I hope we all had an enjoyable Easter Weekend. Things are still crazy in our home as we continue to prepare for our move out west. The time has come for me to get out there, I will be anxiously awaiting my family to join me. I'll be in Calgary on the 22nd of April for good, minus the time I'll have to fly back to pack up our home once we sell it. Any prayers anyone can send our way that we can sell our home quickly, would be appreciated.

So seeing as how I'll be away from my family for a bit, I may be missing monumental occasions in Colton's development. So this may be the last update I can give on him for a while, after this I'll have to rely on my amazing wife to give me and my readers the updates. So last month I posted Colton's first steps. It was quite the event. Since then, walking hasn't been something he's tried doing much. he fet it much easier and faster to crawl around. Well over the weekend that changed. All of a sudden he's decided that being in the world of the upright and mobile is much cooler. He has been a walking machine. He still stumbles every now and then, and sometimes, if he wants to get somewhere in a hurry, he'll drop down and crawl, but for the most part now, all we see is his little Frankenstien walk. Enjoy this little clip. (sorry for the incredibly bad commentary)


mucrane said...

now you just need to teach him to groan " you rang?!" :)

Chris said...

LOL - that is a funny comment ...

Anyway, I think he looks pretty cute!! And all decked out in summer clothes!! WOW! Cutey. He will definitely have fun running around every where this summer! WaTch OUT! :o)