Monday, April 6, 2009

Colton Update

Today was Colton's 1 year check up at the doctor's office. All is well with the little man. He's tall and slender like his old man, but he's a lot tougher. Whenever I went to the doctor, the needles were always a huge production. This happened right up until I was 14, I would have to have people hold me down in order to get my shots. (I'm a lot better now, in case you're wondering) But not Colton, no he's brave like his mom. Getting his shots doesn't even phase him. Apparently from his mothers account, the doctor poked him, he gave a slight whine and then went right back to trying to get into things he's not supposed to get into. Shot's don't even phase him, they are more of an annoyance only. Just makes me laugh. Going to another point, I do love how he is such a curious little guy. He's always exploring things. he has no fear about going after anything he sees and playing with it until he figures it out completely. Jody is always telling me stories about his doctor visits, and how he loves to play with the blood pressure pump, cotton balls, computer mouse, table paper. As you can see in the picture posted, he's become interested in the blinds.
Kids are truly something remarkable. I have learned so much since having Colton in our little family. I've learned that I can change a poopy diaper under normal circumstances in a matter of 45 seconds. I've learned that something as simple as your nose can be the source of endless curiosity. I've learned that a belly button is the most fascinating body part we've discovered thus far. I've learned that I can be as angry as ever at him, and all it takes is his little smile at me and I'm putty in his hands. Of course there is no better feeling in the world than picking him up when he's upset, and having him cling to you until he calms down. Having the kind of power to make a person feel better like that makes a parent feel like Superman (or woman in Jody's case). Anyhow, that's my Colton indulgence for the day.


mucrane said...

aw you think you're a sucker now..what's going to happen when you have a little girl?

JAC said...

I have to agree, he is pretty tough. And I love reading your thoughts, especially about our little man, we both admire you and all this wisdom you have to offer! We just miss you so much this week! Hurry home! xo