Sunday, April 26, 2009

One game away from disaster

Well everyone, my Flames are going to take years off my life, I swear. Last night everyone in the city was charged and excited for game 5. The best of seven series was tied, and the Flames had all the momentum in the world, heading into a tough Chicago arena. I had my jersey on and was expecting another exciting, nail biting, physical war like the previous four games. I was expecting my Flames to make a big push to take control of the series, instead what happened was unexpected and disappointing to say the least. The game puck dropped and a debacle ensued, the Flames stumbled right out of the gate and by the game's end were flat on their backs. The final result was a 5-1 loss, our best goalie was pulled, our teams confidence shaken, and a must win situation for the rest of the series.
Here is what kills me though. I read the paper today to see the post game reviews and reactions from the coach and players. I wanted to see what excuses they had as to why they got dominated from the puck drop. Why was it that they didn't even seem like they were in the game? The results in the article were this "We just weren't prepared for the push they were going to come with, we'll be ready next time." and "As the coach, I'm supposed to have our players prepared for games, and I didn't have them prepared." This was infuriating to me! How do you not come into a playoff game not prepared! You are supposed to be a team of elite professionals. You get payed millions of dollars to play your game at a very high level. The entire culmination of your season is supposed to be geared towards winning the Stanley Cup, HOW CAN YOU NOT BE PREPARED FOR A PLAYOFF GAME! for the last 3 years my beloved Flames have exited the playoffs in the first round, you'd think that after three years of early exits, they'd be more than prepared to make sure they had success this year.
What scares me about their attitude is this, they are a veteran team, getting beat by a young team where 14 of 23 players are entering the playoffs for the first time, and they don't seem to care. This is supposed to be a Men vs. Boys series, and yet our Flames looked like the boys last night. Now if they are having this much trouble against a young, green, Blackhawks team, what hope do they have to advance past a hardened veteran team next round in Vancouver? I just don't understand the "We weren't prepared" excuse. How can you not be prepared for a playoff game? When you know what its going to take to win, and when you know that your opponent is equally as desperate to win, how can you not be prepared. I just don't understand how professional athletes, guys who are payed millions for their craft, can got into a major game and not be prepared.
So the situation is dire at this point. The Flames must win the next 2 games in order to live another day. I know they can do it, I have faith that they have the talent to pull it off..... as long as they're prepared of course. If they don't there are going to have to be some major changes around here, starting with the coach, then moving on to some of our players. So here's hoping guys, GO FLAMES GO. Let's get on our horse and play top hockey!
P.S. Some of you may say injuries have played a part in this, and to an small extent, you're right, but it's not as large a factor. Everyone at this time of year plays hurt.