Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a kick in the head

Well folks, fate is having a good laugh with me tonight. My team absolutely let me down, on a night when I needed them to come through. Right from the get go we got caught with flat feet, undisciplined penalties, and bad bounces/suspect defense. Of course this would happen when I had run my mouth about the greatness of my Flames, and the sad state of the leafs. On a night where my neighbor, an avid leafs fan; was over. This game marked the end of a 7 game road trip where we escape with a 3 win 4 loss record. In my opinion the Flames need to get home asap and give their heads a shake. If they are going to make a deep run into the playoffs, they need to tighten up their defense, and find out how to maintain a consistant energy throughout. Their big guns are firing on all cylinders, but the penalties and poor defence/penalty kill, really takes a toll on their momentum.
Well despite the loss, which is still stinging; I did get this great gem of a picture of my boy and wife giving the #1 sign. He's going to make a great Flames fan for years to come!


jaime said...

hi geoff this is pedroza from mexico, please stay in touch with me bro, i really miss you, it looks like you r cheering for the wrong team my friend, where did you serve your mission??? then the colorado avalanch must win

say hi to every one in canada, im fine down here in my beautiful country, im still single but looking forward to take the next step in life, finish my career, haha jk. im working at a bank and i love it.

keep in touch bro

loves ya

jaime pedroza

Christina said...

What cutie patuties! I cant believe how big he is now and that i havent seen him :'( Geoffy Boy your blog is great!