Friday, March 27, 2009

My boy is 1 YEAR OLD

Holy Cow! This is unbelievable. Today is my son Colton's first birthday!I can't believe that exactly 1 year ago I was sitting in a delivery room with my wife, waiting for her induction medication to kick in. For any of you who remembers, the delivery was not so smooth, and at one point it even got scary when Colton's heart rate began to vanish. (The cord was around his neck) As a sign of things to come, he was just making sure he made an entrance. Above is one of the first pictures we took of the boy. He was only a few days old, and this was the first bath at home.
Colton has been the joy of his mom and dad's life. He has such a happy go lucky personality and loves to smile. Ask anybody that has been around him, you can't help but smile. He loves to play with the kitty, his toys, and mommy and daddy. Its been incredible to watch him grow over the last year and see him mature into the intelligent, bright boy he is today. He loves to explore and he gets into everything. You can see the gears in his head turning a mile a minute as he tries to figure out how everything works.
So today is his first birthday, happy birthday my boy! We have a massive day ahead of us. Complete with a trip to a kids play place, a birthday book party at the E.Y.C. and then tonight a birthday dinner with a cake to destroy! Tonight I'll post pictures of the aftermath. It's going to be fantastic.


Chris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLTON!!! See you Sunday for your party! LOVE U! - Jenn