Monday, March 23, 2009

A shout out to all my Calgary people

This post is dedicated to all my family and friends who are suffering a prolonged winter today. This morning I called my dad at 6:00 am MT. I was surprised he was up already, but he explained to me that he was up with a bunch of his neighbours trying to dig out of a freak 2' snow storm. Just the thought of it made me shiver. I don't know about the rest of you readers who live in the lower 48, but up here in Canada we've had a brutal and crazy winter. At one point here in Ontario, we were hit with 3 major snow storms in a matter of 8 days. I think at it's peak the snow drifts on either side of my drive way were 5.5'.
So in honor of this winter I thought that I would post a picture from our family trip to Nuevo Vallarta, MX.
It was and incredible and memorable trip. Mexico, and this was my first time down there; was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed at an all inclusive resort called the Grand Marival. By the way, anyone wanting to go to a place like that for a vacation, all inclusive is the only way to go. The ocean was amazing! We went snorkeling, body boarded almost every day, saw sting rays riding the waves, and even witnessed a sea turtle come on to the beach and lay her eggs! The Mexican people were amazing and all the resort staff fell in love with our boy! They always wanted to hold him and make him smile, which anyone who knows my boy; it doesn't take much. The town of Puerto Vallarta, was extremely cool, so much history. We lucked out in finding a guy there who drove us around the whole town and even up into the mountains in his air conditioned suburban. He knew tons about the history, and all the cool spots to go. Anyhow, it was probably the greatest vacation I've ever had, I turned my cell phone off the moment I arrived, and didn't turn it back on until I returned home. It was full of firsts for all of us. The picture you see is us standing in the ocean on the beach of the resort. Every now and then, especially during cold snaps here, my mind goes back to my week long paradise trip in Mexico. VIVA LA MEXICO! As a side note, I'd like to give a shout out to my Mexican brother Jaime. You were right my friend, Mexico is amazing. Next time, I'm coming to Durango!
Question for all my readers, what was your favorite vacation? Give me some stories, tell me some cool tales.


mucrane said...

lets go back! I'm sick of this winter crap. I fully believe Gore should give his nobel prize back on the count of global warming being a complete haox.

jaime said...

Hahahaha hello my snowfrozen friend,

Thanks for remembering me and the good days we spent at the mission, I truly miss it a lot

Your blog is great my friend, and you r invited to come to the beautiful state of Durango in Mexico, we dont have any beaches down here but we have tons of bit..ok ok, wont say it I swear ok, jk!! we r still the best anyway haha

The best vacations of mine were enjoyed exactly in Puerto Vallarta, gorgeous sea, and very good places to get fun at night. The girls from there r so cool, I also want to go back there once again

You didnt mention if you went to Guadalajara, I fell in love of that city, is the second most important city of the whole country, and I personally like it more than Monterrey (yes, double r please)

Please talk a little bit about the power of China, is China the most powerful land of the world in all aspects, I mean sports, politics, technology, well forget that point haha, culture, etc

Think about it and let me know what you think on this subject, sounds good??

Take care and come soon!!!