Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tsk, tsk FOX. Tsk, Tsk...

I'm sorry to even have to blog about this everyone. It's a shame on the American media, and FOX news and it's viewers who may have found this acceptable, appropriate, or funny. Before I get going, anyone wanting to know exactly what I'm talking about needs to click on this link and watch the clip

Ok, so what is it that has me so mad. Well a show on FOX News entitled "Red Eye" crossed a major line in its attempt to be sarcastic and satirical in their views and made repeated, distasteful jokes regarding Canada's military, their efforts in Afghanistan, and their dead soldiers. Not to mention the thousands of lame, ignorant jokes about Canadians period. Now, don't get me wrong, I like a quick Canadian joke as much as the next guy, when it's all in good fun. This display was classless and distasteful. I'm very protective of our armed forces. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who give their lives in protection of our rights. No we don't have the massive army that the Americans do, but we are giving what we can, we are putting in our dues to preserve freedom. Apparently to these chuckleheads, Canadian Soldier lives aren't worth as much as an American life. The pure ego and absolute superiority complex of these media morons is insulting to the utmost.
The real shame here is the smear this gives all those brave men and women who have died as hero's in our country. Unfortunately there are going to be viewers of FOX News out there who will find this dribble funny, and accept it as persuasive journalism. It's actually quite the opposite, its trash and literally a smear campaign to a strong ally to the North. The truth of the matter is that these guys are really displaying a fear of losing the Canadian Forces for a time, because they know of the value of having us there is significant. It's that typical response by an insecure group, insult someone until they feel bad about themselves, and stay to avoid further abuse. Pitiful.
I would ask any of you who check out my blog to view the link, and please comment on what you think. Be honest, I really want to know your thoughts.


Tina said...

Yuk! I like Canadian jokes but sometimes they get old. I prefur Canada to America any day. We have maybe an 1/8 of the population as they do so we are putting as many troops out to help as we can but obviously we dont have enough to be equivilant to the American Armed Forces. If they wanna joke about our accents, our government, our food or our stereotypes than go ahead but when its something serious that we are helping out with.. be nice!

mucrane said...

I'm not sure, but i think that if i were an american.. I'd be more offended. I'm sure this group of journalists thought themselves quite witty and clever as they suckerpunch canadian soldiers. This is the image of "typical dumb americans" they portray. Sadley it's not all that hard for some people to get into the media, especially media like Fox network. Anyway, there's just somethings you don't poke fun at in polite society. I mean sure we've made fun of the army as you see 8 guys walking around in gear and you "wonder" who's guarding the border if they're all here. but you don't walk up and yell " HEY JERKS! WHOSE GUARDING THE BORDER! HEY EVERYONE! LOOK CANADA"S WHOLE ARMY RIGHT HERE! HUR HUR HUR!" Out and out mocking of those who unlike those sitting in a Fox studio, these men and women are doing the best with what they have and doing a damn good job of it too. I guess this is just another example of the tragedy of ignorance.

Geoff Crane said...

Well said guys. I agree that it's disrespectful for these media clowns, who get to sit in their nice cushy studios; to mock the hard work and sacrifice of those who love their country and freedom. It really is a shame to get cheap shots like that from a supposed ally, and neighbor. It's classless and off side. Thanks for the comments guys. Everyone, keep them coming.