Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ever have one of those songs that won't leave your head?

Ok, I understand some of you may not understand this. That is ok.Perhaps this was created for my sole enjoyment. I'm a fan of Tracy Morgan. I think he is the true funny guy on 30 Rock, his skits on Saturday Night Live were ridiculous. On Sunday I went over to my parents house, and my brothers wanted to watch the Jimmy Fallon Show that they recorded on Friday, because it had Tracy Morgan as a guest. I'll get back to that story in a moment...
A while ago my buddy Seth wanted to introduce me to a Youtube video that was catching like wildfire, it was called Tro Lo Lo. I watched it and for the next while I was tortured by the constant ringing of the song in my head. It was a horrible video, and the song popped in my head at the worst of times! Now back to the first story...
So my brother's an I were watching Jimmy Fallon, and before he went to interview Tracy Morgan, he was going to perform one of his little gag songs that he does every now and then. Nothing could have prepared us for what happened next. My brother's an I were literally rolling on the ground dying of laughter! There is no real point to the song, or the hilarity that ensues. I can't explain why it gave me the reaction that it did. Maybe it was the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Maybe it was the outfit Tracy Morgan was wearing, the song, the dancing, a combination of all three. Either way it was effective, and its been stuck in my brain ever since. I can't get it out. It pops in at the most awkward of times, and people wonder what I'm giggling about. Its like a funnier Tro Lo Lo effect. Anyhow, I figured I would share it with the world. You can tell me what you think. Click on the word link.