Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Part 2

So after the morning excitement we began the rest of our day. Colton was running around the house singing "SUPERMAN! SUPERMAN!" Jody and I were tired and Hayden was right out as you can see below.
After a nice nap, he went over to hang out with Uncle Christopher (now known as the baby whisperer). It seemed all night long Uncle Christopher traded between Hayden and his cousin Levi, and every time one of hem landed in his arms, they immediately relaxed and fell asleep. Once they were passed off to somebody, they woke up and were restless.

Later in the evening came a family gift exchange where Colton got even more presents... Like he needed anymore. Below he is ripping into a gift given to him by Uncle Matthew. Notice how Superman is in tow. They were inseparable the whole night, and the following day.

And what was the gift? More Superheros! Exactly what he would want. Uncle Matthew hit the nail on the head.

After the gift exchange came the wonderful Christmas dinner, put on by all of the wonderful women of the Gibson family. This year was a little different because we were having a Turducken, my first time ever. Its a Turkey, duck, and chicken all in one and stuffed. it was quite a different experience, but tasty.
The rest of the night was spent sort of relaxing and watching the children run around after each other. By the end of the night everyone had to drag themselves out to head home. I guess that's how you can gauge the night a big success. This is a big reason why I love Christmas. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday as well. Merry Christmas all!