Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas is in the air!

It honestly the most Wonderful Time of the Year! I love this time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday ever, and the best part is, that it lasts so long. People start gearing up November 1st, and you can just feel the spirit in the air. We just finished setting up our Christmas Tree, and I have hung some lights outside our home. Nature has been busy dumping nearly 25 centimeters of snow on our city since Monday night. It really feels like Christmas out there.

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas? Some of my favorite aspects of Christmas are the crisp winter air, beautiful Christmas lights, decorated Christmas Trees, hot chocolate, candy canes, Christmas music (Boney M, Harry Conick Jr., Bing Crosby), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, meat fondue, stockings, the spirit of Christmas, friends and family. Many of these things I can't go without around Christmas time. Presents are for kids, I like time with others.

This year will be a bit different, as I am not working while I'm waiting for school to start. So I will have a bunch of time on my hands to drive my family crazy with my obsession with the holidays. Some bonuses though, will be taking Colton out to the skating rink tons, tobogganing with him, and doing some real thoughtful Christmas shopping. I can't get enough of this holiday, as it creates so many great memories. I hope that it does the same for all of you this year. If you would like, drop me some of your favorite Christmas memories, or traditions. What do you like about Christmas.

Have a Very Merry Christmas all!