Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's on my ipod this week.....

Well for anyone who knows me, you knew this was coming. Yes folks, it's time to give credit where credit is due. On my iPod this week is my all time favorite band... COLDPLAY.
One of the largest thrills of my life was last year when i got to go and see them live in Toronto. It was right after the release of Viva La Vida, their 4th full studio album. It was by far the best concert experience I've had yet. The only thing, the ONLY thing, that could have been better was if they played my favorite song of theirs, Amsterdam.
Coldplay has had my attention since their first album Parachutes. Every single song on that album is great. That's rare, to find an album where you don't skip through a single song. After that came Rush of Blood to the Head (album art displayed), which in my opinion is their greatest album yet. This is where Amsterdam can be found, its the last track, and if you listen to the whole album, its very fitting. Next came X&Y, which was commercially a bit of a step back for them. While it had some very good songs on it, i believe they've done better. Finally, their most recent album, Viva LaVida, along with B sides on Prospekt's March, was released. It is a very solid album, and i enjoy it quite a bit, however, I'm waiting for that magic from the first two to reappear. If any of you want some other good songs of theirs, not found on their studio albums, look up, Bigger Stronger, See You Soon, and Easy to Please. These are from the Blue Room EP which is very rare. They also had another EP called Brothers and Sisters.
Why do I love Coldplay? They are an incredibly talented band that can appeal to anyone. Their music is unique and has a way of calming and relaxing you. It can be a little melancholy, but not depressing at the same time. In fact, it actually makes great lullaby. Colton has a Coldplay album put into lullabies, from Rock-a-bye baby. He loves it, and listens to it at night when he goes to sleep. Anyhow, they have very powerful lyrics, and in a song like Amsterdam; you'll see how much those lyrics impact the song. I also like how they are a legitimate good guys type band. You don't hear about them going into rehab (they actually have made a pact with each other to abstain from drugs and heavy drinking), they do a good job of staying away from the tabloids, they have a social conscience without being obnoxious (Bono, are you listening!), and they seem to be genuine. On top of it all, they are great performers, who know how to put on a show! So go out folks, and crank up the Coldplay, I promise, you'll find their songs getting stuck in your head. Cheers.


mucrane said...

geez man. it's been hours since the greatest comeback in recent hockey history and you haven't said anything about it :P I mean.. it's not everyday Theo Fleury appears out of nowhere to not only play but score the game winner. what's going on geoff?