Monday, November 2, 2009

That weekend felt like forever!

Well that was a bunch of fun... NOT! But we finally got it taken care of. For those of you not aware, we've been waiting for our house in Calgary to finish, and it finally did last week. So we did our walk through Friday afternoon and Saturday morning we got to work. I don't remember ever having so much stuff, but we do apparently. It was nice though, because everything was boxed up from the movers, so it wasn't a huge chore with all these odds and ends hanging out.
I wish I could post pictures right now, but we have to take them off the camera still, and there is no Internet at home until tomorrow, so I will be posting them later this week.
Anyhow, it's finally done, and we are in our own home. Now comes the challenge of unpacking and getting the place organized. It's a relief to have your own place to come home to, even if there are boxes everywhere. We're excited for this new adventure. However we are very grateful to my family for putting us up at their place the last few months. I know it's never easy, but we do appreciate all they did. We wouldn't have gotten through all this without them. Colton sure had a great time too, being around his grandparents, and aunts and uncles 24/7.
Again, like I said, I'll post pictures later this week, once we get them off the camera, and our Internet is up and running. Until then you'll have to just imagine for yourselves what it looks like. And I want to give an open invitation to anyone who wants to come by and visit, you're all welcome anytime. We'll plan a house warming party at some point in the near future.
P.S. This was my 5th move in 3 years. I should be a professional mover. But in all honesty, I hate moving now. I don't want to move for a while, but if any of you are in need of moving help, don't hesitate to give me a call.