Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is the Deal?

Ok, Ok, OK! I know, I've been slacking on my blogging. I am so grateful to those of you that faithfully read my blog and have asked me what's going on. I keep promising to do better, and then I don't. So I won't make any promises, but hopefully this is my road back to redemption.
Life has been insane as of late. We had a great family trip back to Ontario, where my wife is from. We got to see our family and friends there, whom we really miss. Colton was able to see his cousins and extended family for Thanksgiving. It was quite the spectacle. He was overjoyed to have a whole new audience to perform for, and he made the most of it. We really enjoyed our time there, but by the end of that week, we were exhausted!
The fun doesn't stop there though, we got home and have had to jump right into getting ready for moving into our new house. There have been millions of calls to make, and accounts to set up. We did the walk through and it's looking great. As we walked through each room, the superintendent would stick a piece of painters tape on spots that needed touch up or attention. When he started doing this, none of us were paying close attention to Colton, as we were inspecting everything. After a couple seconds I looked down at Colton, and he was walking behind the superintendent and ripping off the tape he had just put up. He thought he was being helpful. Other than that he made sure he tested out everything in the house. He ran on every inch of floor, flushed every toilet, clicked every switch, climbed in every bathtub. I think he'll be happy to be the man of his own house again. Our possession date is tomorrow, the 30th.
Along with that, I've had my final exams for my first 2 classes of school since returning. It was stressful to be in that situation again, after not having to write an exam for so long. I did alright though, and was able to squeak out a couple of A's. My next two classes have started now, so I'm going to see if I can try to keep up the momentum.
There is obviously plenty more I could write about, as it's been a month since I last wrote. I don't want to talk about it all here, as I need things to write about in the coming days. Do not fear though, I have written them all down on a list, so I won't forget. Be sure to look out for a post on Sunday after we've done our move into our new house. I'll make sure to get some pictures up.

Geoff's Tip of the Day: People, please try to make a conscious effort to wash your hands regularly. It's flu season, and it's not only the best thing we can do for ourselves, but it's helpful to others too. Nobody likes being sick.


Chris said...

LOL - wow If I had of known you'd update your blog that quickly, I would have posted long previous comment weeks ago .... hahah! Love the blog Geoff.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! And have fun moving in tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Wash your hands,
wash your hands,
whenever you can,
whenever you can,
use soap and water and scrub real good,
do all the things that your mother would,
if you do you will feel as you should,
so wash your hands.