Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time for Dad to Brag

Well folks,
One of the Joys of being a dad is that you get to brag about your kids. It helps in the bragging process when your kid is one of the greatest all time kids ever! I have to be careful about saying that around him though, because he uses it to his advantage. He's quite the game player with people. He's very smart, and he knows he's cute, and can use that cuteness to his advantage. He also uses his baby face looks to get people to do things for him. For instance, Mommy and Daddy will tell him no, you can't have chocolate milk, you've already had plenty today. He'll then head over to the first person he sees, makes his eyes really big, places his hand gently on theirs and asks for chocolate milk in the most heart wrenching way possible. Then as you are walking to the fridge to get him chocolate milk, he's behind you with a massive smile on his face, but if you turn around, he quickly turns it into a sad face so you don't know you've been suckered. Then when mommy or daddy find out he has chocolate milk, he pretends not to know what's going on, and blames whomever the pawn was that got it for him. I could go on, but needless to say, this kid has the world pretty much figured out already.
So this blog post is to announce his latest photo shoot. He went out with mommy last week to downtown Calgary and took all these shots. He's one photogenic boy, although how could he not be; he's pretty much had mommy snapping daily photo's of him since life began. That's one of the perks/curses of having a mom who is a professional photographer. Anyway, the shoot went great, and there are a bunch of cute shots of the boy. I've attached a teaser at the bottom of this post, you can see the rest at

And remember, she loves taking pictures of children if you have any little ones in your life you'd like to have shots of.