Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a Boy!!!

Hello everybody, I want to introduce you to the newest member of the Crane Clan! On Monday the tenth we had our big ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby. The boy was a lot like his older brother and left absolutely no doubt as to his parts. I worry that my kids have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in them.
So this is our new little boy, he is doing well, and developing right on schedule. Both Mom and baby are healthy for that matter. We got a full list of photo's from the Ultrasound which were amazing. I'm blown away with what you could see in the pictures. We got to see his little face, and hands, fingers, toes, and legs. Because his skin is still transparent, you could see his little bones too. Simply amazing.
With the arrival of this new little guy, I now have a good defensive pairing for the NHL. Just kidding. But believe me, life is going to be lots of fun with all the sports going on in the house. I'm looking forward to watching plenty of hockey with my boys, and playing tons of sports with them. Colton is already well on his way, and this little guy will not be too much farther behind.
Now the task upon us is deciding a name for him. last time it was fairly simple. This time not so much. Probably because we were preparing a bit more for it to be a girl. I will appeal to the general public for feedback on this, and feel free to offer suggestions, just don't be offended if we don't take them. Thus far the top names in the running are as follows in order of our preference:
Kelyn (Kel-in)
To give you a heads up, we don't want a name that will be too common, such as John, Robert, Andrew, etc. So try to avoid those if you want to submit a suggestion. If you want to venture guesses as to his birthday and weight, we are taking those as well and adding them to his baby book. According to the ultrasounds, Jody is due October 5th. Can't wait to hear the responses! By the way, if you want to see some more ultrasound photo's, Jody has them posted on her Facebook.


Chris said...

I like Hayden the most. Not really sure about Brody tho. I like Owen as well, but that's on my names list too - so that's why. :)
Colton and Hayden sound nice together. :)
- jenn

Chris said...

I also love the name Greyson.
I wanted that name over Zachary, but Chris didn't lie it.