Thursday, February 18, 2010

Colton's Rough Family Day

We family day has come and gone. Did anyone else out there have fun? For us we got together with my family to go to Fort Calgary. It's a historical site, the starting point of Calgary. It was a bit of a disappointment I'd have to say. There used to be a large military fort there, now there are only a couple log sheds remaining. I'm not sure what happened to the fort. We went into the visitors center and looked at the few exhibits they had set up, kind of a let down.
So after that the girls went into the souvenir shop to get some candy, and we boys took off outside to go check out where we thought the fort was going to be. After we were disappointed to find the fort gone, my brother Stephen picked up Colton to go for a walk. Allan and I got into making snowballs and throwing them at each other. We then decided to head back to see everyone else, but before that I had a snowball still to throw at Allan. instead of taking the snowball like a man, he decided to run behind Stephen and Coton to use them as a shield. Before I even threw the snowball, Stephen picked up Colton, and tried to run away. After only taking a couple strides, he slipped in the snow and he and Colton came crashing down. The unfortunate part was Colton made a face plant onto the ground. He lifted his head up and then the pain set in. I rushed over, and Uncle Steve picked him up right away. As soon as I came over to the poor crying boy, I could see the damage. Almost immediately a large goose egg formed, and his poor little face was scratched up from the ice. The worst part for him was all the slushy ice up his nose. Mommy showed up shortly after, and we took him to the car to get cleaned up. The rest of the day he would see himself in the mirror and would say "Ow, broke." I think he's feeling better now, as he hasn't missed a step. For the record, this was not Uncle Stephen's fault, it was daddy and Uncle Al being stupid. He forgave us pretty quick though. So I felt I'd share the picture with you, it looks a ton better after he got all cleaned up.

On another note, I just want to give a shout out to my wonderful wife. This last weekend, Jody got the opportunity to sing at the halftime of the Calgary Roughnecks game (Professional Lacrosse team). The theme of the game was Love Spurned, and Jody chose to sing Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats". She did a wonderful job, and it was a great experience. Although she didn't win, I was so greatly impressed by her courage. She sang in front of 10, 800 people, and did a great job of it too. I'm very glad to have a wife with a wonderful talent of signing. It's a very nice blessing to our home. Way to go honey!


Chris said...

Here I am chasing Zach around so he doesn't bonk his head (like he always does), so we can be bruise free for the pictures on Saturday, and Coley ends up bonking his head instead. Eeeeek, that looks painful. Good think Jody can use photoshop! hehehe.
Poor Coley.
Can't wait to see you guys.
Safe flight tonight. =)

JAC Photography said...

my poor doesn't look so bad here! but now he has bandaid marks too! Thanks for the props honey, just wish I had won you that tv!!!

Ang said...

Poor guy!! I'm surprised he didn't end up with one of those when Blake was chasing him around :) Hope you guys have a great trip!

mucrane said...

This is just daddy's way of toughening the kid up for hockey right?